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What is Polymerase Chain Reaction?

What is PCR Test?

Polymerase Chain Reaction-Pcr is the common name of the reactions, some of which are enzymatically reproduced, between two segments whose sequence is known in the nucleic acid (in DNA) where the genetic instructions are carried in continuous state. The pcr test, which is a diagnostic-based test, detects the ribo nucleic acid (RNA) belonging to the virus in corona virus (Covid-19) disease. In particular, the pcr test is based on detecting the corona virus in the body. Within the scope of PCR tests, not only the current presence of the virus is revealed, it can also be determined whether it has been infected before.

How is the Corona Virus Test Done?

How is PCR Test Done?

Coronavirus, an epidemic-level disease, is the biggest health problem of our age as of the end of 2019, when it first appeared, and PCR testing is recommended without symptoms or when there is suspicion about its symptoms. The PCR test process, which progresses gradually, begins by taking a few milliliters of swab sample from the nose and then from the throat using a thin, non-irritating cotton swab. Experts carrying out the operation wear protective equipment within the scope of compliance with strict measures and provide services in accordance with all procedures determined by the Ministry of Health. The swab samples are transferred with closed transport medium and transported to a laboratory environment with low air circulation and tested. The results are viewed via e-Devlet. The positive or negative result in the PCR test, which is a very reliable method, is made available to the relevant person on the internet. T

The PCR test, which can be applied for screening purposes or to all people who show symptoms, consists of the following stages:

Taking swab sample from nose and throat

Our experts, who comply with all preventive procedures, perform the process in your own place.

Transfer of the sample to the laboratory under suitable conditions

The sample taken is transported in closed environment and delivered to the hospital with the relevant accreditation in a short time.

Determination of the test result in the accredited hospital

The test result is determined with the comprehensive analysis performed and it is seen instantly through e-Devlet.

What is Mobile PCR?

What is Mobile PCR?

PCR tests, which play a key role in combating the corona virus outbreak, are critical for the health of both the person and the people around. At this point, we perform fast and reliable PCR tests, approved by the Ministry of Health, without any number limitations, both at home and at work.

Mobile PCR Packages

- For Turkish Citizens;
* Individual PCR Test
* Family Package
* Corporate Package

- For Other Citizens;
* Individual PCR Test
* Group Package

Maximum hygene and comfort Our professional teams coming to home or workplaces take swab samples in a few minutes under high hygiene. That is all.

Practical and fast Samples are quickly transferred to the hospitals accredited by the Ministry of Health, everywhere in Istanbul and in several cities in Turkey.

Reliable service The test results determined in a short period of time, can be seen by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey through e-government. You access the results by entering the internet

Where to Do Mobile PCR?

Where to Do Mobile PCR?

Where to Do Mobile PCR?

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Who are We?

Mobile PCR, the name of the health innovation for the detection of corona virus disease spreading due to intense human interaction and insufficient hygiene in homes and workplaces; is a service of Rodax Travel Agency which is Turkey's leading brand in flight tickets, visas, transfers and accommodation services. Based on strong cooperation mechanisms for customer-oriented solution; The dynamic structure between public, private enterprises and health institutions establishes the high service quality of mobile PCR. The Ministry of Health approved mobile PCR is the address of attentive, professional, reliable and fast "mobile" PCR test in anywhere in Istanbul and many cities of Turkey.
Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile PCR

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile PCR

Why is PCR Test done?

It is the main method recommended in the diagnosis of corona virus disease. It is a practical, fast and reliable solution for the detection of disease-related viral RNA.

How is the PCR Test done? How is sample gets taken?

PCR test for corona virus suspicion or for screening; It involves swabbing the mouth and nose. Sampling is completed by gently inserting the same stick into the back of the mouth and then into the nostril. The samples are delivered to the laboratory in transport medium and the test phase is passed to detect the presence of the virus.

Where to Take a Sample for PCR Test?

In the PCR test, samples are taken from two regions.

• Upper airways, including nasopharyngeal, nasal aspirate, nasal washing, oropharyngeal areas or saliva.

• Sample is taken for PCR test from the lower respiratory tract including sputum, bronchoalveolar lavage - BAL, tracheal aspirate.

How long can the virus be detected with the PCR Test?

The detection of corona virus with PCR test is defined 1-2 days before the onset of symptoms for respiratory samples in mild cases and continues for 8 days. In severe cases, the virus can be detected for a longer period of time. Viral RNA dispersion can be observed 1 month after infection in pediatric patients.

Where is the MobilePCR test service done?

MobilePCR approved by the Ministry of Health is active in the mobilization phase of the PCR test. The samples it receives are delivered to authorized laboratories working in the covid-19 PCR Test in the microbiology departments of nearby and accredited hospitals. The result reached after the tests is published on e-Devlet.

5. How is the PCR test result evaluated? What does PCR test positive mean?

The gene region is amplified in the PCR device and the products are electrophoresed together with the control product by applying electricity in gel medium. The weight of the control products is determined and the part reached by the PCR products is read based on the molecular weight, the test result is detected and reported as positive or negative.

A positive result means that you have been infected with the corona virus. People who get this result should be isolated, and at the same time, people with whom they had contact or had contact in the past should be scanned quickly. The isolation of infected people is important for public health.

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